10 Steps to Create a Powerful Personal Branding with WordPress

WordPress has become the mass entertainer for all kinds of Website developers and businesses around the world. The platform is open-source and hence it’s not bound by any kind of corporate policies. Security, privacy, and technology have always been the prime focus of WordPress which has made the platform the #1 choice for WP developers and businesses

WordPress also has empowered individuals to create their own website and create a brand of themselves. If we look globally, we have celebrities today who specialize in several professions and now hold value no less than some TV celebrities. 

If you’re new to your WordPress journey and looking for a guide to create your personal branding  through this platform, stick to this article till the end. 

Steps to Use WordPress for Creating Personal Branding:

1. Creating a Personal Website:

Let’s start with the first thing first. WordPress is famous for easy website development and its high usability. Building a personal brand today starts with a website. The website shows who you are & what you do for real. 

Having a social media influence is wonderful in today’s age. But it is absolutely a separate thing to have a personal active website. Here are some things you must care about while creating a website. 

– Create a logo for yourself or use your personal image. 

– Get a domain name that goes with your website’s content. 

– Choose a representative Free vs Paid theme for your website. 

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2. Adding Content to Your Website:

Now when your website is ready, it’s time to add content to it. Here you need to focus on the quality of your content. Your website is your online ambassador and no one wants his ambassador to be of poor quality. 

Write killer content that falls under your niche and is tailored specifically to fulfill your online marketing strategy to win your niche audience. Also, make it special to the readers and write to explain the best of your abilities in the best way possible. 

The writing should be such that it attracts the customers. Also content should pull the audience to visit repeatedly. 

– Add killer content to the ‘Home Page’. 

– Create an ‘About Me’ page. 

– Add a ‘Contact’ page. 

3. Start Your Blog:

WordPress was initially a content management system. In easy words, it was solely for publishing blogs. With time, WP has grown significantly and so it developed its CMS system greatly to match today’s standards. WP websites automatically come with a blog. However, it’s your choice to keep it or not. 

Creating a blog in a particular niche helps you create expertise in the subject. They make your website relevant, useful, and unique for the audience. Blogs also help you rank better in SEO results. Each blog you’ll publish will help you attract new visitors and build an online influence. 

4. Add a Portfolio:

We understand you may not have many success stories at first but as you grow, don’t forget to add your results and best critics on your website. Adding your achievements and successful journeys is a brilliant idea to showcase your strengths & your capabilities such as niche themes like Mifo

Best Portfolio WordPress Themes for Designers, Graphic Artists, & Individuals

This helps your audience to understand quickly what you offer and why to chose you. Use the portfolio plugin on your WP website to demonstrate your best work to date. 

5. Create a Gallery:

Visual entertainment is one of the most powerful keys to unlocking big deals. Brands majorly use their logos to define their empire. As you’re looking for personalized branding, adding visual exposure to your website plays a crucial role in your business life. If you’re a photographer, adding a gallery is a necessity for you. 

Add a gallery plugin to your website to put visual imagery to it. You can also use sliders on your website to create highly engaging beautiful animated slides on your web pages. 

6. Make Your Website User-Friendly:

WordPress websites are dynamic and offer many tools & plugins to achieve custom targets. WP developers understand how to leverage WP and you can too. Whether you’re making a website for your business or personal agendas, adding more to it provides your audience with a great user experience

You can add appointment buttons, location maps, timers, image galleries, calendars, availability, payment gateway, subscribing buttons, special offers & discounts. The integrated experience will help you cover many features in one and help provide an exceptional experience to users. 

7. Connect Social Media & Use:

Social Media is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in modern digital time. So better we leverage it for creating personal brands. You will find a number of plugins available to connect your social media handles to your website. 

Integrating your website into social media handles boosts natural visitors to the website and increases your followers on both sides. Please note that some plugins can slow down your website. You can use ‘Social Login’ to let your audience join with you and engage with their email accounts. 

8. Offer a Service:

Make your professional global by offering them to your audience through the WP website. Whether you’re selling products or offering services, consider your website the best online store to do so. 

Make sure you’re doing outreach to potential customers. It doesn’t matter how well your website is designed and how great elements it features, people are not going to come at the start. You need a marketing strategy for your website and follow that for a few weeks to generate initial cash flow. 

9. Build a Newsletter:

A weekly email newsletter is an ideal way to grab your audience’s attention and compel them to visit your website regularly. The newsletter establishes you as the industry expert and gives a boost to your sales. If not, they help you maintain a healthy relationship with all audiences alike. 

Building a newsletter means you now create a list of emails. These emails help you to reach out to people and do passive follow-up leading to future sales. 

10. Understanding the Technical Growth Hacks:

– Keep a track record of your analytics. 

– Optimise your website’s SEO. 


WordPress is the king of website builder platforms. It can help you create a personal brand if used with a proper strategy. You just need to focus on a few features & steps and continuously offer efforts in the right direction. 

In this article, we have shared how a WP website can help you create personal branding. Now it’s your time to come forward and start your journey now. 

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