15+ Benefits of Using a Premium WordPress theme

WordPress is the most famous website builder in the world. Today more than 33% of websites are using the theme and designs available in WordPress. It is easy and super flexible hence people who don’t know in-depth coding also can create an excellent website within a few hours. WordPress comes with unlimited potential for building online websites. Themes and plugins play a crucial role in adding more features and abilities to WordPress themes.

Especially with Premium WordPress themes, businesses can get several advantages for their online platform. Through this blog, we are going to share the essential features that you get when you buy a premium WordPress theme.

WordPress offers many  tools for better designing and SEO. It also offers premium & free themes for people. However, one question always pops up in everyone’s mind. Why use a Premium WordPress theme when there are free themes available? 

In this blog, we will discuss the very benefits you get with a premium WordPress theme.

Benefits of Buying a WordPress Theme:

 1. Plugins for All needs:

WordPress is a hub for talented developers. These world-class developers offer you a wide range of themes that supports almost all plugins available. WordPress has too many plugins for specific needs. These plugins are useful for SEO, contact forms, email marketing, membership, backup scheduling, and many more. 

Free WordPress themes don’t allow you to access all plugins. Free themes support only a few that are encoded within them. If you want to cross the barrier, you need to hire a developer to code them for the additional functionalities. (Also Read, WordPress Real Estate Plugins)

With a premium theme in WordPress, you will have access to almost all the plugins available. These are created by world-class developers. Hence all your requirements are taken care by one fully-featured theme.

2. Offers Excellent Flexibility:

Premium WordPress offers you excellent flexibility. You can customize your website with many options. You can make changes to your blog post design, colors, font size & styles. Also, there are many other features that you can go for. You can set all these up in no time with the on/off button.

3. It’s Affordable:

It’s a fact! Website Development needs highly skilled people. Developers who know in-depth coding charge a good amount of money for a fully functional website. Not all who want to start a business or blog can afford this. 

WordPress, on the other hand, gives you an upper hand in this segment. WordPress premium themes are way cheaper and more affordable than developers. These themes are designed by world-class developers only. These themes are of high quality and you will get free plugins with these.

4. Advanced Functionalities:

WordPress free themes come with limited features and functions. You may not develop it fully and according to your will. The owners trigger you by giving some features and limiting you to get full versions. Each website theme has different features and plugins. To access all those, you need to purchase the full version. 

The full version of the website themes gives you more control over the system, layout, access to the audience, traffic, SEO, and many more.

5. Better Coding Structure:

As we told you before; WordPress is a hub for website developers. The pros of this are you get a number of different jobs. The cons are you can choose a theme that is only made for fun. Many new developers or hobby developers upload their work on the website. These websites may have poor coding structure resulting in slow processing of your website. 

On the other hand, premium themes WordPress are created by professionals only. These websites offer excellent performance and user experience. Also, it gives you many plugins.

6. Continuous Updates:

We are living in 2022. Each day we see some new updates in technology. Hence it is unlikely to not expect the same from WordPress. Premium themes are updated regularly and free themes do not support the updates. 

Developers always work on their themes and bring regular updates. Regular updates fix the bugs and make websites more secure than before. Unable to do the same, free themes can be dangerous when you want to run a business on the website.

7. 24/7 Customer Support:

One of the most important benefits of a premium WordPress theme is constant consumer support. All developers want their important clients to stay for as long as possible. Therefore they always give consumer support to them. You can contact them through emails, or contact numbers and ask for technical queries and support. 

The free versions don’t have any kind of consumer interaction with the developers. You are totally on your own. If any problem occurs, you will need to hire a developer that will cost you extra money.

8. Competitive Advantages:

Premium websites offer you advantages in the real market. More than 30% of websites use WordPress themes only. Hence we can assume that some of the best websites out there are powered by WordPress. WordPress premium themes offer you plugins and functionalities that keep you ahead of your competitors. 

Suppose you are a coffee shop owner who wants to go for a website. The other coffee shop uses a premium WordPress theme, which automatically has advantages over others. To compete with him/her, you need a premium theme.

9. Extensive Documentation:

Documentation is a big part of any website theme. Generally, free themes don’t have good documentation. Unlike the free themes, premium ones hold great documentation in most cases. In most of the premium themes, you can check the documentation. In this way, you can always choose a better option for you. 

10. Highly Dependable:

The last but not the least benefit of a premium theme is ‘dependency’. Premium themes are easy-to-use and offer you flawless functioning of all features. These premium website themes are speedy and give security from bugs and threats. 

As a business owner, you can be dependent on these themes. On any crash or any emergency, you can just relax and depend on the developers. They will repair it within a few hours only. Hence you don’t need to worry about the website anymore.

11. Comprehensive Support

With premium themes, the first thing you will benefit from is the tech support. Free WordPress theme and plugins provide only limited support. But with a premium theme, you can contact the developer and ask the team to discuss with all the issues coming in your development side. You can check real-time bugs, fixes and get complete solutions for every theme functionality for getting smooth experience throughout.

13. Latest Updates

With premium themes, all the essential changes, updates, security changes, and compatible issues provide more stability for the online platform. You also have the options to keep these changes automatic or manual to avoid any change in the site functionality. Old and obsolete themes are the main cause of security vulnerability and malicious attacks on your site.

14. Complementary SEO Benefits

WordPress themes also bring built-in SEO support for users thus offering them step by step guide for getting the best out of theme functionality. Google and search engines rank websites on various factors including onsite speed, loading parameters, along with other on-page customizations. You just need to follow the instructions and do all the on-page changes as prescribed to benefit from maximum SEO benefits.

15. More Customization Features

Premium themes have added functions, features, and easy-to-use documentaries to help you easily install, design, and implement the changes to build an amazing online platform. You don’t need to be a WordPress expert or developer, and these guides will help even non-IT professionals to build websites and start their online businesses with minimum effort.

16. Value for Money

With a premium theme, you get the right value for money. WordPress themes fetch return on investment (ROI) within a few months only and provide all the right support to build your digital business online. All the premium WordPress features make it easy for all business owners and other establishments for precise benefits. Premium themes also allow swift backups and easy server changes without any restrictions. You also keep all the online malicious attacks away from the platform to make it compete with other sites.


WordPress themes are famous for their features, ease, and plugins. However, many people prefer free themes over premium ones due to budget. However, if you have the budget to buy a theme, you must do it. Above we have discussed 15+ benefits of a premium WordPress theme. Now you know them briefly. It’s time to buy one now. 

With all the attention to digital media these days, building highly functional and responsive websites are a must. Premium WordPress themes play a crucial role in helping you strategize precisely and deliver an optimum user experience to bring more customers to your business. And with all the right features, functionality, and support you must always buy premium themes in WordPress to leverage the fundamental benefits to your platform.

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