Best 10 WordPress Security plugin

WordPress Security plugin: Security remains one of the essential requirements for online businesses. And with 24 hours cyber attacks looming around the corner, businesses are making sure to keep no stone unturned in securing their customer credentials. Plugins can add that extra security to WordPress themes and keep the data breaches as low as possible.

Here are the top 10 WordPress Security Plugins to keep your business and customer information on the top.

1. Sucuri (link)

Sucuri is one of the most comprehensive security plugins with all the features to keep cyberattacks at bay. Sucuri’s best services include file monitoring, security notifications, Malware scanning, activity auditing, and a web application firewall. Most of the features are free with a special paid plan to further boost security features such as HTTPS, firewall, and more.

2. Wordfence (link)

Another very popular name in WordPress security plugins is Wordfence. It covers all aspects of security in this modern cyber age with attacks looming around 24 hours for an online platform. Wordfence’s best services include a Web Application Firewall (WAF), Malware scanning, real-time life traffic monitoring, and a Two-factor authentication for keeping a strict check to save from all brute force attacks.

3. All in One WP Security & Firewall (link)

All in One offers fully-featured security protocols to manage all modern cyber attacks. The best features of All in One WP plugins include spam protection, firewall protection, login lockdown, file protection, file change protection scanner, spam prevention, Front-end copy protection, and comes at a free price with no additional premium version. Though the All in One plugin is less popular when compared still it backs up the claim to cover all aspects of security.
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4. Defender (link)

Defender is a premium name for WordPress Security plugins with an exceptional features list. Defender’s best services include core file scanning, timed logouts, IP address blacklisting, 2-factor authentication, and so much more. Defender free version has limited functions while the premium one has boosted features for scans, auditing logs, and vulnerability checkups.

5. Jetpack Backup (link)

Jetpack Backup is a top security plugin for all WooCommerce and WordPress-based online websites. Jetpack has automatic features to maintain a 24-hour check and offer information for broking the site. Jetpack offers special Daily backups and real-time backup plans for keeping the website secure from all cyber attacks.

6. Malcare Security 

Malcare Security offers a plethora of options for keeping your website checked from all the cyber attacks. Malcare Security services include remote scanning, one-click malware removal, firewall protection, and multiple developer tools. Malcare Security offers a basic free account with a premium account at a price of $99 per year.

7. iThemes Security (link)

iThemes is another reliable and trusted security plugin among WordPress users. iThemes Security’s main feature includes Malware scanning, Brute force attack prevention, 404 error check, and password enhancement utility. iTheme premium features come at merely $80 per year securing all your website loopholes and protecting from cyber threats all at once.

8. Security Ninja (link)

Security Ninja is a highly popular name for WordPress security features covering 100% security vulnerabilities. The free version has limited functions with the premium version solving all the vulnerabilities in your WordPress website. Best features for the Security Ninja plugin include test file accessibility, password enhancement, WordPress Core checkup, debug mode, and more.

Choosing a Security plugin

WordPress enjoys one of the most preferred CMS around the world for its ease of flexibility and more. Securing them with right plugin adds more reliability and performance to your business.

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