RS Logo Showcase Doccumentation

Installation Process:

1) Go to Plugins=> Add New then search “RS Logo Showcase” and install

2) Install from Local PC select the plugin then upload the plugin and install

3) Download from then unzip and upload in to plugin folder then active the plugin

After Active the plugin you will see left menu bar RS Logo Showcase appear.

Add New Logo

Go to Logo Showcase=> Add New Logo

1) Add Title

2) Add Description

3) Assign Category

5) Set Logo Image

Create Shortcode:

Go to Logo Showcase=> Create Shortcode

1) Enter Shortcode Name

2) Select Style

3) Set Logo Item Per Page

4) Show/Hide Logo Title

5) Select Logo Category

6) Set Title Font Size, Color & Hover Color

For Grid Style :

1) Select Grid Style from Select Box

2) Select Column Size

For Slider Style:

1) Select Slider Style from Select Box

2) Select Column Size For Desktop & Responsive

3) Enable/Disable Navigation Dots

4) Enable/Disable Navigation Arrow

5) Enable/Disable Autoplay

6) Enable/Disable Autoplay Interval

7) Enable/Disable Loop

8) Set Time For Stop On Hover

Get Shortcode:

Go to Logo Showcase=> All Shortcodes

Then Copy Shortcode From Right Column.

Now you can paste this shortcode any page/post wherever you want to implement the desired logo style.

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