WordPress is among the most suitable CMS choices for small, medium, and large businesses as millions of websites use this for building online websites. Latest WordPress 5.8 release has opened a box of pandora enhancements from its previous version.

WordPress 5.8 continues to be one of the major releases this year. For admins using Managed WordPress hosting services, this update is automatic. While for others, you can use manual options to make sure in restoring the old customizations. Also, Never forget to create a complete backup before you can initiate the update.

This latest WordPress 5.8 release includes several enhancements and features that users must know. These changes will introduce creative ways for working with WordPress customizations. The article will list out new upgrades in WordPress 5.8.

We have observed essential changes are in the following section as while there are still numerous small changes.

  • New Template Editor:
  • Block-based Widget Editor:
  • WebP Images:
  • Block Editor:
  • Media Library:

New Template Editor:

It comes with a brand new feature known as template editor and is one of the steps towards making a complete website editing tool with the help of a block editor. Here you can also create a new template for creating the New link placed under the template button while editing any page or post.

Block-based Widget Editor:

The new block editor is used by the widget screen. You just need to go to the Appearance then widgets page for trying out the new widget experience. Every widget area in the WordPress theme will then appear as a tab in the respective editor. Here you can also add widgets like blocks to the widget-enabled areas and sidebars. It gives you complete control over the widgets and you can here use all blocks for creating an engaging widget area. For example, you can also add buttons, choose groups, colors, and different blocks.

WebP Images:

The new image format known as WebP can help you in reducing the size of the image by 25 to 35% than JPEG and PNG, without losing any quality. It can create a big difference and can also speed up the performance of your website. The WordPress 5.8 can be seen supporting WebP image now by default. It means you can upload and save the WebP images in your WordPress website even without using its plugin.

Many web browsers never support WebP plugins. If any of the users tend to use an unsupported browser then image compression can be used as a plugin to help yourself out.

Block Editor:

The block editor is for WordPress users who spend most of their time creating content and every WordPress release is known for bringing improvement for the block editor. New improvements and features in the block editor that you like to try out. Previously, you can use plugins to perform the action but now you can use this Query Loop block to display the listing of pages, products, or posts.

Media Library:

The media library will not be composed of infinite scrolls for loading images in your Grid view instead you will find a load more tab to start viewing the images. Another improvement here is to copy the media URL for uploading directly with the media tab and then leading to add a new page tab. Also when you are adding the image in the media library directly you need to edit the image and then manually copy its URL. In WordPress 5.8, You will find the button for copying the file URL and then use it anywhere you like.


WordPress 5.8 is a new platform for people looking for a better experience for their websites. And these impeccable editing options give users additional choices to maintain a steady flow for publishing their content. So keep on updating your website with the platform updates and be the best in your field.


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