There are many multi-vendor marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba that have already revolutionized online shopping. They have instigated the interest in creating a global platform for generating a wide range of attention from clients. Especially for small and medium businesses, using WordPress multi-vendors helps them to expand their horizon and work at their potential.

Instead of spending many hours coding, you can set up one of the WooCommerce marketplaces with WordPress for getting started conveniently. WooCommerce offers a lot of multi-vendor plugins for their clients. Let us know about some of the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins to use in 2023:

  1. Dokan
  2. WC Vendors Pro:
  3. YTH Multivendor
  4. WCFM Marketplace:
  5. VendorPro:

Dokan: (Link)

Dokan is one of the top trending multi-vendor plugins developed by WeDevs. The plugin also offers a wide range of specifications like a frontend dashboard for the clients and vendors, sales commission made for every sale, coupon management, insights, etc.

The plugin has multiple positive reviews boasting more than 80,000 active installations. Dokan developers also put together best practices from many eCommerce activators like BigCommerce. Eliminator add-on also allows you to practice freedom of customization on your platform.

WC Vendors Pro(Link):

The plugin allows the clients to sell digital and physical products at the WooCommerce marketplace. Its Lite version has more than 10,000 installations. The plugin is easy to set up and offers many similar specifications required by the customers in the same business.
Using a free version will allow you to fetch features like multiple payment gateways, shipping, vendor management, and commission management. The pro version allows the clients to set commissions for vendors, fixed rates, products, etc. Its premium version also arrives with the options like coupons, ratings, coupons, and other detailed insights.

YTH Multivendor(Link):

It is one of the best popular names that pop up while searching for one of the best WooCommerce related plugins for the marketplace. The plugin consists of many top features required for building complex online marketplaces. It comes in both paid and free versions. The free version allows you to set up a complete multi-vendor store with global commission rates, managing vendor products, generating sales and commission reports.
Also, the pro version can be accessed with the advanced features along with the advanced reporting, shortcodes, and pay bulk commissions. Various other features here include super admin controls, order refunds, and shipping management.

WCFM Marketplace(Link):

WCFM marketplace is the best platform for WC lovers and a WooCommerce plugin for multi-vendor that arrives with lots of powerful features for giving you overwhelming control over the online marketplace. WCFM is also known to be perfect for people who want a great deal of flexibility. With WCFM, all vendors do receive access to the vendor mobile app. That offers numerous customizations and deep monitoring opportunities for their reports, inquiry, bookings, products, etc. For instance, the vendor here had to change the price, name, image, or stock of the product, and they can do it easily with the app.


VendorPro is a multi-vendor WooCommerce plugin well crafted, especially for users with an added feature of affiliate commission. The plugin empowers the progress of the business with its many affiliate sellers. Inviting many affiliate sellers also allows the buyer to establish the business in the store and generate commission from the sales are some of the principal abilities of the plugin. On install, you will have the option to manually set or predefine the commission for services or any products sale. The VendorPro plugin also conducts detailed analysis for commission earned by the vendors and inclusive of outstanding dues. Also, it can distribute and maintain the commission without causing any trouble and allow you to focus on the importance of affiliate business.


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