WordPress vs Blogger

Are you planning to launch your blog? Or you are not sure about what you will use Blogger or WordPress as your platform for your website.

In this post, we will give you the experts views on choosing the best option for you!

Blogger and WordPress are the two of the most popular blogging platforms used globally. They both are used widely for creating amazing blogs on a regular basis. Both of them work differently and have their pros and cons. Here we will compare WordPress and Bloggers while highlighting the differences among them. Our goal is to help you in making the decision for the best one to proceed further.

WordPress as a Blogging platform

WordPress is a type of Content Management System or CMS and is a platform devised for helping users to build content online. In other terms, it means you can use the WordPress platform for creating any type of website.

WordPress started with a blogging platform and is still best suited for the application. Just like a blogger, the WordPress platform is also free, but it will not host the blog for the user. Here the user needed to choose a hosting plan and also pick out one of the domain names and had to install and set up their WordPress site. In case you are looking for a WordPress host as an affordable option, it is the best with easy to start features. You also get options for hundreds and thousands of free and Premium WordPress theme options to choose from.

Blogger as a Blogging Platform:

As per the name Blogger platform is one of the best for running a simple blog. Here you need to create a free profile by your Google account then you can start building your blog. You can also choose a huge variety of themes for knowing the blog’s appearance and its layout. Try giving it a title and then choose a particular URL and you will have the access of a dashboard on the platform.

Let us compare them Blogger vs WordPress for their specific :

1. Ease to use:

Most blogs are started by people who are not web developers. Both the platforms are quick to implement the templates and start publishing. On one side, the blogger platform is easy to use, and on the other side the WordPress is more comfortable to customize and plugins are user-friendly and its guides are available to help people in installing when desired.

2. Maintenance and Administration:

Blogger platform is less customizable and flexible but still offers its users the ability to manage the dashboard. The maintenance at the Blogger platform is effortless, and the frequency of content updates depends upon the user.

WordPress does allow its users to have complete control over the website. Maintenance here will depend upon how often you are reaching out to the dashboard and updating the blogs on the site. Other factors such as hosting, understanding of the CMS, etc., also takes into account the overall maintenance.

3. Pricing:

WordPress offers multiple options for pricing and has other tiers available too. And there is also a free plan to help users, especially newbies who are recently stepping their paws in the industry. Advanced users can benefit from premium plans and start their online endeavours as soon as possible.

Blogger platform comes with hosting and also allows to have a subdomain name free. The users can have other domains too. To start with Blogger, you have everything in your dashboard. Although, it’s a basic layout and has limited features to customize settings. Still, it’s a complete platform without any cost for beginners.

4. SEO

WordPress arrives with many different tools for SEO and is a comprehensive built-in platform. Here you can create static URLs known as permalinks and also have the ability to ping and blogroll. YoastSEO is one of the best plugins offered by WordPress and is one of the best for SEO.

Blogger allows users to control on-site and on-page SEO functionality via their templates. Here you can set the permalinks the way you want.


On a wider aspect, WordPress has gained a significant popularity over the Blogger. And most of the industry experts recommend WordPress as the number one choice for starting your online journey.

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