The most important technical dynamic aspect of a WP website is its SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a whole different career path for people to adopt. Each business needs to strengthen its SEO to grow its business organically and for a longer period.

SEO offers genuine results to businesses promising better traffic followed by an increased number of leads & later conversions. Good SEO results also help to improve a business’s social image, making it appear on the first page of SERPs.

SEO alone has the power to lead any business to profits. But for this, you need to go all in with technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. But there is a point to notice- your website must support SEO technically.

The best way to do so is to buy a premium WP theme that supports SEO. In this article, we will discuss the best practices that a WP premium theme must follow to support businesses. If you’re a business owner, don’t forget to double-check the following factors.

The Best SEO Practices for a Premium WordPress Theme:

Lots of WP developers want to showcase their skills and develop a fantastic stunning WP theme. The problem arises when they create a stunning website with advanced visuals but face basic technical issues such as speed & responsiveness.

To business owners- if you’re looking for a good theme for your business, consider your needs and include these SEO points in your list to check.

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1. It Should Be Responsive:

The first technical SEO factor to check is a WP theme’s responsiveness. More than 54% of searches are done through smartphones. That means a big group of your potential customers are searching for your services through their compact devices. Unable to serve these devices, you’re certainly going to lose a big audience who might become your best shots.

Premium SEO WP themes must serve with responsive layouts. Such a theme will entertain audiences with stunning & carefully placed visuals irrespective of the device size.

Moreover, Google loves the responsive nature of any website. This gives them a hint that a website is fully committed to serving the public more dedicatedly. SO Google happily promotes such websites on their search engine results.

2. The WP theme Must Support Most Plugins:

WordPress plugins are the web application for boosting your website’s potential. They provide your website with additional features that give comfort to users and website owners. Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Google Analytics, and other popular plugins are there to support your business in reaching new heights.

A premium WP theme with great SEO features makes sure that your final website supports these plugins in real time. This technical advancement helps businesses to serve people effectively. If your audience is happy visiting your website, Google already is.

3. Pick a Theme with a Clean Code:

A WP premium theme must contain clean codes. Clean codes fasten your websites and also improve your security. Premium WP themes come with best-quality codes but that is not the case with free themes.

WP premium themes with clean codes are more eligible for SEO performances. They offer better security as well as better speed and are reliable for their audiences. An optimised website will offer easy access to Google crawl bots and help them find the tags easily. Moreover, clean codes will create essential SEO elements like Meta, Title, and Header Tags to attract crawling bots.

Process to Check the Code Quality of Your Theme:

– Install your premium theme.

– Now install the theme check plugin.

– Go to appearance> Select ‘Theme Check’ option.

– Click on your theme and click on the ‘Check’ button.

4. Themes Must Support Multiple Browsers:

SEO is not limited to Google only. There are several other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera that people use regularly. It is a common fact that you can’t create your website for each browser. And not caring for it will result in a loss of traffic from other browsers.

A premium WP theme that comes with SEO-friendliness comes with cross-browser capability. This helps you to run your website through all browsers without any doubt. This feature helps in excelling multiple browser SEO where users can read, comment, share your content, and gain an experience on your website.


– Check the version capability of a theme before buying. Most devices don’t use the latest version of any browser so your theme must support the last 5 versions of these browsers.

– Use the ‘PowerMapper’ tool to check browser capability.

5. Themes with a Page Builder Plugin is Gold:

An SEO-friendly WP premium theme comes with an in-built page builder. This is important as you may need to change your website quite often. A web page builder will help you in easily designing your website with its drag-and-drop features. Now website editing is easy with this.

But here is a catch- Page Builder uses a heavy amount of code to create different elements on the page. So there comes along unnecessary codes that are bad for SEO. Your on-page SEO & technical SEO can be affected and so you need to be very careful about the page-builder and its features.

6. No Most Compromise on Loading Speed:

Regardless of the industry, you have a long list of competitors ahead of you. And if your website is slower in comparison to others, people or your to-be customers are not going to stay. A report on Google searches shows that reducing the loading time by 0.1 sec increases 8% of their audience.

Instead of the stunning visuals & advanced features, your focus should be on creating something very simple, classy, fast, secure, and promising to the traffic. Understand that your business doesn’t need hundreds of features, rather it should be a simple platform where your audience can crawl easily while understanding your motive for creating the website. Not fancy but the classic ones win the sales.


SEO is an essential part of online business and most of the WP premium themes cover it up. However, WordPress doesn’t have a test for premium themes, unlike the free ones. However, most of the premium WP themes offer you SEO-optimised features that help boost your business.

In this article, I have listed down some of the best SEO practices that each WP theme must offer to you. However, keep a keen eye on it, and don’t forget to double-check these factors before buying one. If you’re a WP developer, it’s your responsibility to create one with all SEO features. 

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