WordPress websites are ruling over the internet. They have overtaken the traditional websites which were once the market attraction. Most businesses are running today on the base of WordPress only. Hence learning and optimizing your websites with WordPress SEO practices is important for all businesses today. (Also Read Why WordPress is better than other CMS)

Importantly, WordPress has plugins that help you to perform better at SEO. It analyses your websites, finds the fault, and recommends you correct them. Due to this, your SEO journey becomes super easy and you rank on Google SERPs very sooner than expected in otherwise conditions. 

New business owners and entrepreneurs understand the benefits of using Premium WordPress themes  for additional features and functionality.

In this blog, I will discuss the six things that will boost your SEO ranking in just a few days. If you are ready to know these, read and follow the below techniques. 

1.    Improve Your Website’s Speed:

We are living in the 21st century. Today we are dealing with AI and virtual reality programs. Just think to yourself, how would a slow website compete in this era of technology? No, it can’t. On a report, people highly like to leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It increases your site’s bounce rate. Thus Google notices it and penalises your website. Improving your website’s speed will create value in Google’s eyes and it will not give you a penalty. 

The simplest method of checking your website’s speed is installing Google Analytics on your website. It’s easy to find out the most accurate data from Google analytics itself. It will show you the loading time of web pages. 

To improve the total loading time in just a few minutes, you can apply the below three rules. 

– Install a speedy WordPress plugin. 

– Compress your Images

– Get a fast hosting provider.

2. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:

Do you know why Google has ruled the internet for more than 2 decades? It is because Google has regularly updated its working methods according to the world’s needs. Today more than 70% of searches are done on a mobile. And it is going to increase only with smart voice technology and AI in mobiles. 

Think again if your website is still not mobile-optimized. Google wants to give the best experience to its customers. So it rewards the websites which are fast, easy to navigate, and offer quality in their mobile version of web pages. 

The easiest way to do it is to install a mobile-friendly WordPress theme that will automatically support your website on any mobile & other devices.

3. Delete No Value Content:

Would you like to read a magazine that contains little information? Would you like to shop from a store that has no good products? I hope the answer is No. Similar is the case with your website. None wants to read and go to a page that has no valuable content. It’s not only about blogs. Your landing web pages must have value to offer. 

Now the question is what valuable content is. Any page with content less than 300 words is not considered a good content page. They are simply being kicked off the list. What to do then? 

The ways to tackle this issue are the following. 

– Delete these Pages

– Redirect these Pages

– Add Valuable Content. 

To find out how to redirect a page click here.

4. Optimise Your Images:

The one activity that can bring more visitors to your website is optimizing your images. It includes images on your landing web pages, blogs, and thumbnails for your videos. Optimizing your images means the followings. 

– Compressing Your Image size

– Using Alt Texts in All Images. 

– Naming the Images. 

Alt text helps Google robots to understand what the page or blog is all about. Plus the images will appear in image search results. Thus they will bring a hundred users only from the image section. A report says that Google image searches are accountable for 10.1% of all searches on Google. Now think of losing all of these searches.

5. Improve Your Website Structure:

Website structure is one of the most important factors in SEO. It helps Google robots to find the right content easily. This helps them to evaluate all of your websites in less time. Google as a reward pushes your SERP ranking on Google searches. 

There are three types of website structures that you can follow. 

– Linear Structure

– Network Structure

– SILO Structure/ Tree Structure

By building your website in a certain structure as mentioned above, the chances of getting crawled and ranked are higher.

6.    Internal & External Linking:

Linking is extremely important in both kinds of SEO, On-Page & Off-Page. On-page website linking makes Google crawling easier for websites. Google gives authority to a page that is linked the most to your website. 

Link your web pages in a way that they support each other. Also, make sure you don’t mix them in such a way that it would disrupt your website’s structure. Make sure your navigation is clean and your pages don’t have more than 5-10 links. 

Make one strong page your priority and focus on linking other pages to it. To find out which page is important, go to Google Analytics and check which page has higher visitors. 

For off-page SEO, you must go through the relevant and high-authority websites to create links. In this way, you will gain more authority as Google will link the other website as an authorized base for your website. Guest Blogging is one such example.


SEO is extremely important for any business today. WordPress on the other side helps you in getting top SERPs ranking in the easiest way possible. It offers you optimized themes, fast websites, and several tools which help you with on-page, off-page & technical SEO. Plus point is you don’t need to invest months or years to learn WordPress SEO. 

Above in this blog, we have discussed 6 ways that can help you reach the top search ranking with help of WordPress theme SEO practices. Follow them and gain long-term organic traffic.

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