Are you looking forward to the YouTube gallery for adding on your YouTube website? Yes, by default WordPress has a quick way to embed YouTube videos for blog posts. It’s not easy to play the videos list on WordPress in the gallery layout. There are specialised YouTube plugins for the same.

Here are some of the best YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress:

  1. Envira Gallery
  2. YourChannel
  3. EmbedPlus for YouTube
  4. uTubeVideo Gallery
  5. All in One Video Gallery

Envira Gallery: (Link)

The plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins and also arrives with the video addon that allows to create the video button for the YouTube videos gallery on the site. The plugin also received support for popular video hosting services like Instagram, Facebook, Wistia and Vimeo. Also you can add your self-hosted videos in the gallery.

The plugin comes with a widget that is quite easy to drag and drop via sidebar or any other area. But do know that the Envira gallery plugin doesn’t automatically fetch YouTube videos from any channel. Here for adding videos to your gallery you have to manually add the video URLs every time.


YourChannel: (Link)

The plugin offers the easiest ways for showcasing the YouTube videos on the website. The visitors reaching out can browse through and can also watch the videos on the same page. For setting up the plugging you require to enter your username along with the channel ID. Once you have entered the details the plugin will handle the remaining setup for you.

The plugin will help in fetching the subscribers, banner images and also the counts along with the playlists. Then you can customize the news feed as per your liking. In case you want to add a YouTube gallery to your page or post then you are suggested to use the shortcode sourced by the plugin.


EmbedPlus for YouTube: (Link)

The plugin allows the user to create the gallery for the YouTube videos, a playlist or entire playlist. It by default controls the grid for video thumbnails. Here you can set your preferences for premieres, live streams, playback controls and auto-play.


To be able to embed the video gallery into posts and pages, then there is an “insert” button that can be seen in the Text editor and visual of WordPress CMS. Here you can also consider the option for using the shortcodes along wth the gallery embedded. Also it lets you hide and show video titles ir information.



uTubeVideo Gallery: (Link)

It is one of the best WOrdPress YouTube plugins that allows you to add upon the youtUbe videos in the gallery within the WordPress site. The uTube Video Gallery has many options for the video customization. For example a progress bar can be added to know about the timing for videos to end, and also you can set the video player size, etc. The plugin also offers built-in support for Vimeo and YouTube. That makes it easy for the videos to be embedded from these platforms.

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All-in-One video gallery: (Link)

The plugin helps in building video galleries for the sites that are searchable, SEO optimized and scalable. Here you can add videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion. It allows you to customize the playback options, player controls and more than a hundred settings. The gallery is organized and you can also create categories for the user to search the videos as per their likings. One of the best features with the plugin is it allows the user to customize their logo, context menu and branding.

The above stated plugins will serve your purpose and will help you in uploading the videos from various platforms and adding to your wordPress website.

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