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Widget Settings

You can customize your sidebars and footers with Hepta easily by adding custom widgets to your widget areas (Sidebars/Footer columns). By default Hepta comes with the following widget areas: Widget Area, Shop Page Widget Area, Single Product Widget Area, Menu Widget Area 1) Sidebar Widget Area. 2) Sidebar Shop Widget Area. 3) Offcanvas Sidebar Widget Area. 4) Project Sidebar Widget Area. 5) Service Sidebar Widget Area. 6) Footer Top Subscribe Widget Area. 7) Footer One Widget Area. 8) Footer Two Widget Area. 9) Footer Three Widget Area. 10) Footer Four Widget Area.

  1. Adding Widgets
    1. Go to Appearance > Widgets in your Dashboard. You will see your available Widgets to the left and your available Widget areas to the right. 
    2. Drag Any widget you want to add to a Widget Area from the left section onto the right and into the Widget Area box you are going for.
    3. Drag Any widget on Sidebar Widget Area which you want to add on Sidebar Widget Area from the left section.
    4. Drag Any widget on Footer Widget Area which you want to add on Footer Widget Area from the left section.
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