Top 9 Free Website Builder for Web Designers & Developers in 2023

Website builders are platforms that support their users to build attractive working websites with easy steps. Some of them are so advanced that you can build up a website in just a few minutes of concentrated work.

A few years earlier it was almost impossible for newbies to make an efficiently working website on their own. The development of a website takes an understanding of coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in depth. But this is an old tale now.

Website builders platforms such as WordPress and Wix have made it accessible to each one of us who even has minimal knowledge about technology. If you are a website developer or a business owner looking for ways to build your website, here are the top free website builders for you to start your digital journey today. 

1. WordPress:

WordPress is a brand example of a Website Builder. It is an open-source platform meaning this is not a company but a non-profit organization that is open to all. WordPress has two distinct types of a portal for you. First is & second is can help you create a blog website in just a few minutes or a handful of steps and you’re ready to start your blog. WordPress is the king of all blogging platforms. is the platform for all your website’s needs. You can lead your website in any direction- business, blogging, gallery, or portfolios. Here you get full freedom to design & manipulate your website interface to support your motive. doesn’t have a hosting provider of itself but has a list of recommendations. 

2. Wix:

Wix is probably the most flexible website builder on the list. It offers heavy customization that you’ll fall in love with. The drag & drop option makes it more interesting. Alongside it offers you AI technology to understand your requirements and make a website for you considering them all. The technology is known as Artificial Design Intelligence which asks multiple questions to you. They can be related to your industry and company or the services & products you are providing. Wix App Market allows you to use about 280,000 app integrations to your site, offering advanced SEO optimization, security, mobile optimization, and several marketing tools. 

3. GoDaddy:

GoDaddy is widely famous for its strong hosting services. But it is also a great website builder platform for beginners and small business owners. Even if you don’t have technical mastery over the subject, you can create a stunning website with the help of the Drag & Drop feature available. Pre-designed templates are also available for making the process easy & quick. You can add several elements such as Text, Images, Videos, Buttons, Animations, and more. But what makes it special is its affordability. GoDaddy’s paid tools come at an affordable rate making it fit for small business owners and newbies with limited resources. If you’re looking for something to experiment on, GoDaddy can be your friend in this. 

4. Weebly:

This platform has several user-friendly features such as Drag & Drop and pre-designed customizable templates, live preview, custom HTML for advanced coding, in-built SEO features, and 24/7 support. 

These advanced features make Weebly different from other website builders. Whether you want to edit pages or add new integration, all you can do is in just a few baby steps. The real-time picture of your editing helps to understand the effects of changes better and Live chat and email; support offers personalised help in case you face trouble in creating a masterpiece for yourself. 

5. Strikingly:

Strikingly is a cool website builder where you can create a one-page website in real 30 minutes. Land on the website and it will give you a tour of the templates available and their editing process. Your onboarding tour help you understand the functioning of the website, the working of the template, and several other advanced features. Speed is the USP of Strikingly. 

It offers unlimited landing page creation under the free plan which makes it more useful for freelancers. Alongside a bandwidth of 5GB, each month is given to you. You can quickly make these landing pages and scale your marketing campaigns. Unlimited landing pages let you experiment with your campaigns and see what works for you. Moreover, Strikingly allows Google Analytics integration for getting real-life data on your website’s performance. 

6. Jimdo:

Another powerful website builder platform is Jimdo. It possesses many great features such as Drag & Drop interface, design templates, SEO checker, Meta tags, and a fully optimised e-commerce website. The easy interface allows you to learn website creation with easy steps. Whether you’re a blogger, artist, businessman, or store owner, Jimdo can help in everything. 

It offers you three different plans- free, start, grow, and unlimited plan. The cost for start, grow, and unlimited plans are $9, $15, and $39 per month respectively. But here is a bonus- Jimdo offers a 20% discount on each package if users choose to pay annually instead of monthly. With a 14-day free trial, you can test your compatibility with the platform easily. 

7. Webflow:

The American company Webflow offers all its user’s top-tier flexibility while creating websites. It is powered by Amazon CloudFront and hosted on Fastly. Like other professional website builder platforms, it also has a drag & drop interface, professional templates, responsive designs, and SEO optimization as its prime USP. E-commerce integration on this website offers you a great deal if you’re in this industry. 

Webflow has kept very affordable costing for its users allowing small businesses and individual creators to grow early and fast. It has four costing plans- Free, Lite, Pro, and Business. The cost for all is $16, $35, and $83 for Lite, Pro, and Business plans respectively. 

8. Site123:

Have zero experience in website development? Don’t worry about that. Site123 is the one-stop solution for such beginners or business owners who don’t want to get indulged heavily in the technical process. Site123 offers you to build a web presence with only 3 steps. 

First, select your website type. Site123 will set up a template for you for business, blog, event page, and handyman services. Second, add your business name, and upload your content, images, videos, button, and other essential details. Third, publish your website. Be aware that you don’t have customization freedom here. The platform treats you as an ultimate beginner with zero interest & knowledge about understanding web technologies. 

Site123 offers you many exclusive features such as SEO optimization, Mobile optimization, stock image gallery, 250 MB of storage, and e-commerce functionality (in paid service). We recommend this to absolute beginners for stepping on their first ladder as website developers. 

9. Hostinger:

Hostinger is widely famous for its Hosting plans. They are affordable and powerful in comparison to other options available on the market. Even the basic hosting plans offer the best services to their users. You can hire it for $1.99 per month for hosting and also get your website builder. 

Hostinger has a list of hosting plans. That means you may have to go for a little upfront but it will be a win-win situation. The basic Hostinger plan goes at $1.99 per month. The WP starter package and the premium package go at $3.99 and $3.49 respectively. Goes a little expensive and you’ll get a free domain name, support for multiple sites, storage, and better bandwidth. 

The premium shared hosting gives you access to the website builder ‘Zyro’. Zyro helps you with its simple interface and limited options that would go well with beginners. They have templates to work on, a drag & drop interface, and guidance from the builder itself. In case you don’t want to continue with the designing part, leave that to AI. Give your requirements in detail and your website will be ready in minutes.


Website Builders are an excellent choice for stepping into the world of Web Development. However, it doesn’t limit its domain to technical students only. They are great for business people who want to develop their websites for their businesses. Site123 is one such builder where you can develop your web presence in about 1 hour. In this article, we have discussed the top 9 free website builders in 2023. Check them all out according to your needs. Build a website and start now. 


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