The Future of Premium WordPress Themes: Trends to Watch out in 2024

Hey folk! Here we are at the end of 2024 and it’s time to discuss the probable future trends of WordPress Premium Themes. We saw a lot of technical advancements in this year only. The biggest of them was surely the introduction of Artificial Intelligence which has completely changed the way we used to work.

Amidst all these new technologies, WordPress was an audience too, though it was understanding all the transformation and now is ready with all the bombastic plans to drop in the near future.

A piece of news for all of you WordPress users– The platform is going to be easier, more interactive, safer, e-commerce geared up, and AI automated. We have covered all these in this blog. If you don’t want to miss anything, read the complete article.

1. PHP’s New Era in WordPress:

WordPress recently took a bold move of not supporting the PHP 5 versions any longer. This was indeed required as websites built on this PHP version were under attack and technically old. Saying farewell to this, now WP has the chance to move on and create something big without worrying about the older ones.

The new PHO 7.X is coming very soon and it’s going to be bombastic. Not only will your websites be up-to-date but also the theme & plugin developers and programmers will have to be on chair again at work.

If you’re still using the old PHP 5 versions, WP has made a call to you to move on and be with the modern Gen-Z technology.

2. Headless WordPress for Unparalleled Customization:

When the Gutenberg editor came to light, it instantly became a boom for its amazing customization capabilities for WP themes. The need to be an expert in codes was dismissed and you could design your websites with just a few clicks.

Now, the WP has something more interesting to offer. The Headless WordPress is here with its User’s POV frontend editor. It’s the fancy makeover that today’s unique & fast websites need.

Headless WP separates the front and back, giving you more customization liberty without disturbing the backend power of WP. Imagine the frontend & backend CMS are two standalone elements in a home.

It sure is still a maze and requires to be embraced completely. However, some WP hosting providers have already used it.

3. WooCommerce Integration to Boom E-Commerce Business:

We all have heard about WooCommerce. This WP plugin has changed everything in WP business websites. This e-commerce website has created the pathway for many new entrepreneurs who wanted to sell their products on the internet but didn’t have the chance to have complete control.

In 2023 alone, the WooCommerce market share increased to 23% of the top 1 Million e-commerce websites on the internet. The numbers are increasing with each passing day. Now, the hosting providers have recognized its potential, they are offering managed WooCommerce stores for businesses. Now, it’s time to give a kick boost to your online business.

4. AI & Machine Learning is Entering into The WordPress Market:

2023 is a game-changing year and we now possess the power of AI to do our work. Imagine this- you have installed a chatbot in your website to entertain your visitors. Now these chatbots can easily create emails, talk to them in a friendly way, and even crack jokes if needed.

AI & machine learning can help you get real-time data and suggestions about SEO & UI/UX. Most amazingly, they can help you find ideas about articles and even write them for you (to some extent obviously). Welcome to the future!
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5. A Whole New Take on WP Theme Visuals:

New elements are there to encourage the visual power of a website. Going to launch your website soon? Try these visuals to offer a modern treatment to your visitors. If you’re a premium WP theme developer, make sure to start working on these new trends.

  • Video backgrounds are becoming mainstream. These are looping videos whose motive is to keep the visitors more engaged.
  • Parallax scrolling is where the front elements are fixed but the background is moving. They can be in different motions as well.
  • People are now loving minimalistic WP themes that are easy to design, enhance readability, support design layouts, and responsiveness.
  • White space or negative is now used as an uncluttered visual experience for visitors by simplifying the visual element integration.
  • A darker mode UI is here now as a darker background & bright colored texts.

6. Voice Recognition Technology:

Truly voice recognition technology is not new to use. We have been using it for years in our Google searches. It helps greatly in performing our everyday tasks such as calling, messaging, or Google searches. Now WP has adapted it for enhancing its responses. WordPress developers are now enabling them with advanced voice searching integration.

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7. Multilingual Support:

Multilingual support is what multinational business websites need to go for. The requirement will soon become a necessity as businesses are moving to more personalized content. Now to address locals from different countries, your website’s content needs to transform its content language from English to a region-specific language.

Language translation plugins are now in demand to fulfill this requirement. WPML and Polylang offer multilingual support that will help you move your business internationally.

8. Enhanced Security with New Updates:

We all know how serious WP is for its security. It bears the loads of billions of websites and hackers are the most dangerous threat for a business owner on the platform. WP is now working to make it secure. The API technology is being built to protect it. Also, the multifactor authentication system adds some extra security layers to your website. Moreover, you can use many anti-spam plugins to keep your web safe.

9. Integration of API:

The WP future is welcoming API technology as a bridge between two completely separate elements of tech. Imagine you have a website and you want to connect it with an external application. Earlier where you used to need to create an app and then connect it, REST API will create a mobile app for WP. Suppose, you have created a lead generation extension for Google Chrome. Now you can link it to your website’s dashboard.

APIs are going to play more important roles. The WP community has created Headless WordPress that deals with frontend & backend separately. It will help you create the front end separately without affecting the back end at all. The system is going to be more secure and things will become easier.


The year 2024 is knocking on doors and here WP is ready to welcome it like a king. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that is transforming the world like never before. Gladly our beloved CMS platform is using this transformation very well.

In this article, we have listed the most anticipated updates from premium WordPress themes. These are the most probable WP trends for 2024. If you’re a developer or business owner, start researching in-depth all these.

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