Top 10 reasons to choose managed WordPress Hosting

A successful online business today requires a perfect combination of unique design, impeccable hosting, marketing, social media presence, content creation, advertising, & so on. Managing all these things can be very stressful and here we will be exploring why choosing the managed WordPress hosting service is the best for your website. Especially, with all the hosting options available in the market, there are many added benefits with managed WordPress hosting.

Here are the main reasons why you should choose managed WordPress hosting:

  1. Fast Websites
  2. Experts support
  3. One-click staging
  4. Fewer Plugins
  5. Automatic Re-stores and backups
  6. Reliable Website
  7. Easy Site Management
  8. Easy access to various development tools
  9. SSL Certificates
  10. ​​High-Performance

Faster Websites:

faster websites with managed wordpress hostingManaged web hosting does not share any server resources with any other website. Any of their issues will not ever influence your website. The managed web hosting arrives with servers that are already optimized for WordPress and are well-tuned for speed. Best managed hosting providers also used many catching systems and widgets that always make sure that the website can load immediately.

These managed hosting platforms come with many WordPress themes and plugins for you to choose from. They do offer many additional performance enhancements like instant-scaling technology or CDN to ensure that the website is quite snappy irrespective of traffic spikes. For the best providers to offer the best load times for the websites to have a quicker response.

WordPress Experts support:

While everything is working fine, you never even think of looking for technical support as when you have installed your first plugin that tends to take your blog down or even break your theme and the reason behind is the shared hosting.

Buying out a sharing plan here means that you never pay enough to the experts and since these hosting companies cannot afford experts they hire naive people to handle your sites.

One-click staging:

Whenever you would like to make any change in the website and you like to test them for the copy and before publishing them on the site. In this way, you can also avoid the risk of using it finally, and shared web hosting providers never offer the website so that you can test any of the features.

Many Managed WordPress hosting providers included the staging site along with a plan and it takes just a few minutes for them to set up one of the development environments along with the copy of your site. You can also experiment with it in private before you can publish the respective changes in your live website.

Fewer Plugins:

Undoubtedly plugins are an important way for extending WordPress functionality. Every plugin comes with a different developer it is usual to encounter plugin conflicts. With managed web hosting many important features can be taken care of by the platform so that you do not waste time with backup, caching, performance, and also security plugins causing many problems if they are not set correctly.

Automatic Re-store and backups:

The security-related features for the managed web hostings are that you can have an automatic backup for your website and also the ability to restore your site or blog as per the latest functioning in just a single click.

Premium managed hosting providers can perform night backups and you can have access to the recent 12 to 15 backups via the administration panel. The WordPress platforms like Flywheel are said to offer automatic backups that had to be stored in separate servers and also you can roll back in a click and restore the backups in the last 30 days.

Reliable Website:

Regular shared web hosting never comes with dedicated resources unlike the WordPress web hosting and is reserved for the dedicated site only and cant be shared with others. It means that WordPress can provide better security and reliable performance. Also managed web hosting takes care of security patches and various other details that are left by other providers.

In addition, you also get 24/7 support and this is something that is not offered by most web hosting providers.

Easy Site Management:

While hosting your website with managed WordPress hosting you will find everything organized and nice and in a single place. You do not have to bounce between the struggle or provider different setups and it’s a single hub for many sites. If you are starting the work with many clients or even growing the agency then simplifying the providers will save a lot of time spinning new sites.

Easy access to various development tools:

If you are developing a new site or even if you are troubleshooting an old old one, the managed WordPress host can bring some of the developer tools to your lap right from the hosting application. Few of them use cPanel and others have even designed their custom dashboard for having a delightful experience.

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SSL Certificates:

Everyone knows the green padlock you can see in the browser right next to your website URL is related to the SSL certificate. The website with managed WordPress hosting makes it easy to add an SSL certificate to the site.

The process for installing the SSL certificate involves a big bunch of communication between the certificate provider and the hosting provider. With the Managed WordPress certificate, the process is just a few clicks far away.


The WordPress hosting provider can help you with the environment that is fine-tuned to work with WordPress. If you are going with a shared host or even taking any other route you have to spend a lot of time installing software and also optimizing the sites to obtain the speed already possessed by managed WordPress sites.


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