Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to a Premium WP Theme Now!

10 Reasons to Upgrade to a Premium WP Theme

More than 810 million websites today use WordPress to manage their content, business, and branding. This works very well for business owners as WordPress reduces their workload in handling website technicalities. As WP offers drag & drop features to website development and many plugins to improve the appearance and functioning of the website, business owners feel it easy-to-use and scale further.

On the other hand, WordPress offers both free & paid themes to choose from. Most new users go for the free themes as per testing whether it works well or not. However, if you’re not a newbie or want to start professionally, we would suggest you shift from a free theme to a paid theme. If you’re still searching for the reasons for adopting a premium WP theme, this article will shed light on those. Keep reading till the end. 

1. Enhanced Functionality:

In Steve Jobs’s words, ‘Design is what works’. His words fit perfectly for today’s digital business scenarios where each one is looking for better designs that can generate lead and covert sales for companies. Premium WP themes understand this need of sustaining & growing businesses thus the developers create web designs with the same motive. Whereas free themes rarely come with premium plugins, widgets, and templates, paid WP themes to offer lots of these as their services. 

2. Unique Designs:

Not to say that developers are highly professional people. As they are on WP to make money, they make sure that each of their products holds value for their appearance. The premium themes offer unique designs for niche-specific websites to stand apart from the crowd. These designs offer not only visuals but also texts, fonts, videos, social proofs, and features that bind all these. All of these make together a fantastic platform to grow your business. A free WP theme is solely for beginners. Though there are many templates available at no cost, you can’t compare them to paid ones. 

3. Dedicated Support:

One of the best qualities of paid WP themes is their premium support. Not all of us are developers. Free themes look good but you are solely on your own for all kinds of troubleshooting, errors in updates, and customization. In contrast, paid WP themes allow you to contact the developers. You can ask them about the issues, errors, and development-related questions and they will surely help you ASAP. As the developers are obliged to their clients, they never miss a chance to entertain their money streams.

4. No Ads:

Although this is not very common, you may face unwanted ads on your free WP themes. This will let you & your audience distract from the main subject of the website as well as prevent you from running ads for your benefit. If you’re running a blog, Google ads can be an option for you to earn money but if you’re into a business offering your products or services, there is no need of showing ads on your website. Premium WP themes keep this as a priority. You will never find a premium theme loaded with third-party ads that would impact your brand image for users. 

5. Branding Opportunities:

Being a brand is not a saying. It means that your brand should reflect through your work. 77% of all global marketers believe that brand marketing is the result-oriented marketing strategy in the long run. It can fill you with abundance and offer your business terrific growth. 

Premium website themes offer you better customization options including font colour, website color, navigation bar, buttons, and much more to make visuals match your branding. The visual presentation becomes professional and convinces your users to a specific action resulting in a better conversion rate. 

6. E-commerce Integration:

E-commerce integration becomes necessary when you want to sell your services or products. This helps your users to navigate & buy easily through your online store. This means you have a better grip over your customer’s actions. Forget about getting an e-commerce integration in free themes. The numbers are less but paid themes offer you e-commerce integration with several online platforms such as WooCommerce. This makes your business journey easier & more professional, making sales easier than ever. 

7. Enhanced Security:

Cyber-attacks have gained a lot of limelight these days. Hackers all over the world are looking for a chance to attack you. Once done, they can do anything with your website including erasing all the data, misleading your users, or controversial posting. 

While free themes come with a basic security feature, they can’t save you from advanced hacking. Paid themes, in contrast, come with advanced security features such as encryption and malware scanners to keep you safe all the time. 

8. Improved Navigation:

Often ignored, navigation is an integral part of any website that you must not forget. This directs your users in the path they want to go to. Having a bad navigation system will not let your users search your website pages thoroughly. They will be stuck on one page. Your user experience will drop and as a result, your website’s bounce rate will increase which will further harm you in performance analytics. Your SEO ranking also may get harmed. 

Premium WP themes come with an in-built navigation system, giving you the option to create easy navigation to direct your traffic to their specific pages. This simple strategy will give you high user engagement and a lot of conversions. 

9. Better Documentation:

Documentation is a technical task. It helps you greatly in case you want to make significant changes to your website. Setting up your website with documentation is easy only if the website is documented very well. Unlike free themes, premium themes come with heavily detailed documentation that saves your time & effort to look after other business aspects. 

10. Multi-Language Support:

Last but not least, WordPress premium themes offer you to set up a multi-language website. It is important when you’re about to go international with your business. Multi-language support will help you gain traffic from all over the world. Also, users from difficult countries find it more convincing to have your services in their regional or local languages, resulting in producing more sales of your product/service. 


WordPress powers up more than 40% of total active websites on the internet. Businesses trust WP CMS and its features. The numbers are likely to go high in the near future. But here is the catch. Many businesses, especially startups, will shut down only because of their choices of resources. A very weak resource is free WP themes. No hard feelings for them but as a business owner, you can’t expect all your growth from free WP themes.

Premium WP offers several services & features that you won’t get in free themes. In this article, we have discussed 10 reasons why you should buy or buy a premium WP theme only. For more details, contact us. 

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