7 Evergreen Reasons to Use WordPress in 2023

WordPress has been in the market for a long time. No need to tell how successful it is and how much grateful we all are for this technology. WP has transformed the way we used to look at websites. Anyone from a tech student to a literature field expert can design and develop a website with the help of widgets WP offers. We are living in 2023 and world technology has come a long way. Technologies are growing and businesses are looking for companies with more authentication and extreme user-friendliness. Now the question revolves around the efficiency of WordPress against these expectations. 

In 2023, should you go for WordPress to develop a website for your business?

The answer is a big Yes. Why?

And the article is going to give you major reasons to use WordPress. Read till the end to know everything in detail.

Reasons to Use WordPress in 2023:

1. WordPress is Free for Newbies:

Well, this title is slightly misleading. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or pro user, you always get to use WP for free unless you buy the premium WP themes. Paid WordPress themes are good for developing and maintaining businesses as it gives you more customization, work domain, plugins, and tools for managing your business. However, we can’t expect all to start a full-time business. Many students or working people use WP only to have fun or as a hobby to work in their spare time. 

In such cases, WP is a wonderful place to be at. It offers you hundreds of free WP themes developed by professionals who want to share their projects with people without any cost. Being a new user will also help you in learning WP. If you are planning to start a business but want to explore the WP space, starting with the free themes is exclusive to try and test your compatibility with WordPress.
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2. Easy to Use:

WordPress powers more than 60% of active websites today. This is because of the ease it offers to users. You can create a completely fully functional website even if you don’t know a single damn thing about coding. WordPress offers YouTube design of a website from scratch or based on a theme. You can change the design block by block, and add and subtract widgets, plugins, images, and whatnot. 

Easy to Use

While using WordPress, you will feel like you’re playing a visual game but slightly complex and you are arranging each block for building a beautiful home wall. But designing is not the limit of WP. It comes with a lot of plugins, widgets, extensions, and other writing tools to improve your website content, SEO, and speed. 

Overall WordPress has made the whole complex process of the website an easy game for a person who has a minute understanding of design. 

3. Gives You Extreme Customization:

A website is your introduction to the online population. That’s why it’s very important to design and develop it in such a sense that you don’t need to change it very frequently. Because that is a lengthy process that involves the risk of significant damage to your website’s visuals. 

But if you are working on WP, it relieves you with the customization option where you can change each block with only a few clicks on the icon or subject. 

On the WP interface, you first choose a website theme and then start adding blocks to it. In case you can change it completely with just a few clicks here and there. This level of customization allows you to experiment with your design, making your website more presentable to your users with each try. 

4. WP is SEO Optimised:

This point is especially for people who want to run their businesses or start a profitable blog on the internet. SEO has always been a significant role in Digital Marketing. Be it your personal brand or your online business, SEO keeps you one step ahead of everyone. 

SEO implication is a skill that anyone can learn. In SEO, you optimize your website according to the terms & conditions of search engines. It has layers of complexities that demand promising skills from the user. 

WP is SEO Optimised

WordPress offers you a handful of help in SEO. Many themes come with pre-SEO optimization which helps you to optimize your website easily. As a result, you gain a chance to be closer to a higher SERP ranking.
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5. WP thinks High of Security:

It’s 2023 and WP knows how many hackers are out there with a motive to stop it from functioning. WP premium themes are heavily loaded with security features and rich coding that keeps them secure from any kind of cyber-attack. 

WP thinks High of Security

When you design a website from scratch with coding, all the security responsibilities are on your shoulders. You have to write codes for it and establish a security panel, alarm system, and whatnot. WP offers you all these from the very start. Especially when you use the premium themes, you get some security features pre-installed in the theme. You can also install some plugins such as the Sucuri scanner against some common online threats. 

6. Large Community Support:

WordPress has the largest community of developers. It is the most famous open-source CMS on the internet and powers up more than 60% of the active websites today. It’s a huge number and the reason WP is so successful is because of its community. WordPress is not only a platform to create stunning websites. Rather its heart lies in the community that it has built. In case you need support, you can ask in the support forum and get help from Github or stack overflow to learn more about WP. (Why is WordPress better than other CMS for your Business?)

What’s more interesting is that WP developers, content creators, and site owners, all gather for monthly meet-ups in different cities across the world. With this much interaction, you can expect high-quality solutions for each question.  

7. WordPress is Going to Stay:

You may be surprised to know that WordPress has no CEO. It is a non-profit organization run by thousands of developers, creators, and small businessmen. Many website builders have come and gone, and many will but WP is going to stay here for a long time. There are two reasons for it. 

  1. It is an open-source website builder. 
  2. It has no business boundaries. 

In case WordPress got hacked or got depopulated, anyone can restart it with a new name. The WordPress foundation works as the protector of the name ‘WordPress’. It has hundreds of site owners and developers as its community members who ensure that WP continues to grow. 

WP is available in 53 languages and supports countless multilingual websites. As a new user of WP, you can engage with the WPBeginner Engage group on Facebook. 


Are you eager to start your online business? Choose WordPress for designing & developing your website. WP has a large community of developers, site owners, and new users who are trying to grow this platform for a long time. 

Your business needs a website that would be flexible as well as has a solid core so that it can pass the test of time. WP offers you all of these. In this article, we have discussed all the major points why you should choose WP for creating your website. Now, what are you waiting for? Check out all the WP website themes now. 

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