WordPress, today is the biggest open-source website builder of all time. Its user interface is super friendly and gives you a number of options. It has completely changed the business of website building. Previously we needed the necessary coding skills to develop a working website. If you didn’t know to code, you would need to hire a coder who would charge you a lot of money for the work.

WordPress has replaced all these with its drag & drop functionalities. Here you will get ready to use templates. You will also have access to several plugins to make your website better and easier for visitors. Anyone, newbie or professional can use WordPress to develop their own website. Depending on your sole motive from the website, you should choose the free or premium version. (Benefits of Premium WordPress themes)

Professionals, especially business owners must choose a premium version for boosting their business revenue and reach. But before you jump right into buying, be careful as you may buy a not-so-good theme in a bustle.

7 Factors to Check Before You Buy a Premium WordPress Theme

In this blog, we are suggesting a few factors you must look at before buying Premium WordPress Themes.

1. Simplicity:

Long ago, I heard a quote. ‘Something is perfect not when it needs nothing to add but when it has nothing to remove’. This quote applies to all of the beautiful things in the world. They all seem perfect and unique.

When buying a WordPress premium theme, you must evaluate those themes on this quote. A heavy graphic multiple feature website is not always a good choice. Especially when you are promoting yourself or running a business.

You sole motive should be based on the people. You need to serve people, not the developers. Hence buying a simple theme with just enough easy-to-use functions would please people and will make them return to your website.

2. Choose Responsive Websites:

Any fool only will not understand the value of a responsive website. Almost 10 years ago, when smartphone technology was new to the market, people were involved using desktops for surfing the internet. However, the numbers have been turned. Today, more than 80% of people use their smartphone to surf the internet.

These numbers are too great to ignore. So if you are thinking of buying a premium WordPress theme, responsiveness is one big factor to check. Check their design, speed, compatibility, and features. WordPress free themes offer you demo testing. Choose the demo version theme and evaluate the responsiveness of the WordPress theme. ( Also, Read- WordPress Free VS Premium Themes )

3. Plugin Support:

Plugins are the most important tools for improving your user’s experience. It is helpful for both sides- developers & users. With plugins you can do a number of activities seamlessly. Before buying a premium theme, make sure that your theme supports generic plugins as well as some good ones. You need to focus on what your needs are. If the chosen theme supports almost all plugins you need, it will offer great benefits over a long time.

4. Page Builders:

WordPress has a very special function named ‘Page Builder’. If you have even the slightest experience of creating websites, you must know how difficult it is to put a feature on your pages. It needs coding (sometimes with high excellence). While WordPress premium themes offer you a very simpler way of doing the same. It is a drag & drop function that allows you removal or addition of any element.

WordPress premium themes give you built-in page builders. However, you must know that these page builders generate extra codes on the website. Excessive uses of it will surely make your website slow. It will further increase your bounce rate which will not be a good sign. 

5. SEO Support:

If you run an online business, you must have heard about SEO. The search engine optimization helps you to rank better and to reach new audiences each day. As you rank better, the traffic on your website will increase, hence your sales & revenue will be. WordPress premium themes generally have some SEO plugins that help you to rank better. With them you can find out the places for improvement.

However, there are some premium themes on WordPress which have poor coding inserted in them. They don’t support Google’s SEO terms and hence will always keep you down on Google search results. If you know SEO & little coding, it would be difficult for you but a theme with an SEO plugin may create wonders for you.

6. Information Architecture:

Website Architecture matters for better user experience. When you think about the design, don’t always go only for the looks. As Steve Jobs once said, that design is something that can work efficiently.

Any design will result in profit only when it will work perfectly for your users. Your architecture must offer your users a rich content about your business information, its benefits and why they should choose it. A design that would confuse people will always keep you at a loss.

WordPress Premium Themes offers you a lot of features for sure but don’t just only go to them. You must serve the people first. Evaluate multiple premium themes from the user’s point of view. If you feel comfortable using one, buy that.

7. Support:

For any technical work to be done, expert support is a necessity for all users. Many people ignore focusing on the documentation & support from the owner and later regret it. If anything goes wrong, you have a backup. This problem especially occurs when you have updated your WordPress theme version. You may get a simple white screen after updating the website version.

Check what their other customers say about the owner. If they have a good rating and reviews only then make a deal with them. If you want, you can ask to their current customers on their emails or public contacts.


WordPress themes are great to use but you can get a setback if you choose the wrong one. While purchasing one for your business, you must evaluate all of your options carefully again & again. We have discussed 7 points that you must check before you make a deal. It will save you money and will benefit you abundantly.

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