Steps to Check the Quality of Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes hold the possibility of developing a super successful business. Only when you choose the right WP theme, do you multiply your chances of winning?

A Premium WordPress theme can attract visitors, help them with navigation, share the best information, and generate leads for you. Whether you are opting for a blogging or business website, choosing a quality WP premium theme is always going to benefit you. WordPress today powers thousands of websites. On the other hand, hundreds of developers publish their themes on WP on a daily basis. It is obvious to get confused among them. In this article, we are going to share a few points with you that would help you to check the quality of any premium WordPress website theme. 

Before we start, one should have a basic understanding of their own business, trending practices, and a future vision to help them build powerful WordPress websites.

Consider The Following Before Choosing A WordPress Theme:

  1. Your website theme must complement your content. What are you planning to launch- A service-based business or e-commerce or a blogging website? Not all website themes will support you in your project. It is why you must check the functionalities of a premium WP theme before buying it. For a blogging website, choose a theme with good readability features; for a creative website, choose a gallery-like theme, and for a business website, choose a business-based theme only.
  2. Choose a website that matches the feel & style of your overall project. The overall feel of the brand helps you to convert your leads into sales. A matching WP theme can multiply the numbers quickly. Although WP themes provide you with customization, it still has limits.
  3. Before buying a WP premium theme, check your budget. Investing in a very costly WP theme brings you no profit if you don’t need it. WP premium theme offers you a number of features that you may not use. Investing your money would then just be a waste for your firm.

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Check the Quality of a WP Premium Theme:

Now that you have figured out your needs, here is a checklist for you to evaluate any WP theme. This checklist involves technical information on WordPress website builder & Online Marketing. If you need any help further, feel free to contact us for support. 

1. Aesthetically Modern Designs:

Website theme design plays a vital role in attracting visitors. Make sure when you choose a website, spend some time navigating & using it. Judge it as a visitor and find weak & strong points of it. Modernly designed websites will enhance the user’s experience. As a result, they will spend more time without any effort. A modern website must have the following features. 

– Complimentary color combination

– Attracting Typography

– Clean Layout

– Stunning Images

Together these elements make a positive impact on users and boost your business to achieve your goals. Typography refers to arranging a website’s texts in a clean, copy-legible, and visually appealing format. 

2. Security:

The second most important check is the security factor. Your business is not going to rise if your website is not secured enough. Premium WP themes come with pre-security inbuilt into their coding and as their primal features. These themes come with features like Anti-XSS & RFI attacks to protect the website from any kind of cyber-attack. They use an SSL certificate to secure your data.


3. Performance:

Your business is highly dependent on your website’s performance. Here the word performance refers to the website’s speed & functioning. A website’s speed is also a deciding factor in SERP rankings. Faster loading time influences the users and also sends positive signals to the search engine. It increases conversations and improves engagement. 

As a business owner, you should always go after light-weighted themes. They avoid many unnecessary features, filters, and tools that result in a speedy website. Also, poorly-coded themes can also result in a slow website. Make sure that you buy themes built by professionals only. 

4. Compatibility:

Since Google is the king of the internet, most developers ignore other search engines such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Looking for extra business opportunities? Keep this point in mind. Buy themes that support different web browsers. 

Industry-level professional WP themes support all modern browsers. You can check this in their description. If you want to test it, try opening a demo theme in different web browsers. 

5. SEO-Friendliness:

Your website theme plays a vital role in deciding your SERP ranking. Your theme is the backbone of your website. It designs your web pages and equips them with the right tools needed. If your theme doesn’t support SEO then it is a red alarm for you. An SEO-friendly theme would have clean & effective codes to nourish your website. It helps your website to perform at maximum speed and validate all the SEO conditions. If you want to check the theme for validation, do this on W3C Markup Validator. 

6. Customer Support:

WordPress premium themes come with a premium customer support system. As developers are making money through their themes, it is important for them to support their users in any major or minor issue. In general premium, WP themes offer support for a month(s). After expiry, you may have to renew it. 

As a marketing strategy, most WP theme developers will write terms such as 100% customer support in their descriptions. But before you buy one, check their reviews on WordPress. The reviews include ratings, the number of installations, and a handful of comments on overall performance. 

7. Updates:

Regularly updating yourself is a healthy habit in Digital Marketing. Doesn’t matter what WP theme you use; it will fail if it is not updated regularly. WordPress itself is very careful about it and focuses on updating new features, improving security patches, and fixing bugs. This keeps a website secure and relevant to modern changes. Before you buy a premium theme, check their last update. You will find it in the theme description. 


Being an owner means you have to focus on each aspect of your business. In digital marketing, a website is your most useful tool to attract visitors, showcase your expertise, and generate sales. WordPress web builder offers you hundreds of premium themes suitable for your business. However, before putting your money into one, you must check the quality of a WP theme. Here in this article, we have discussed a few points that are helpful in doing so. Apply all of them and choose the best one.

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